This Beach Bum loves her fun in the sun, but I also know that too much of anything is usually not good.  But I’m a Cali girl and will probably never get the idea that sexy beauty includes a tan out of my head, but how can you blame me?  It’s where I’m from! I’ve learned that it’s ALL about balance; some sun does give you that healthy glow and is even good for your body as it gives you much-needed vitamin D. But on the other hand, you don’t want to turn into a “Tanorexic” and overdo it, your skin will NOT be very happy with you! And burns= sun damage! So how does a California girl living in New York keep her California glow and stay healthy at the same time?  I love using JERGENS NATURAL GLOW LOTION almost every day.  It is definitely a staple in my life.  I get that golden glow I’m looking for without worrying about skin damage.