There are SO many ways to find your way to a healthier way of thinking about yourself and the world around you, it all starts within you. We always wait for our environment and people within it to tell us how to act, how to feel etc. But it’s totally backwards! It starts within YOU. Sometimes that’s hard because our whole lives we’re told what we think/feel is wrong, so it makes us questions ourselves. I challenge you to find YOUR identity-not who your parents think you should be, how your teachers tell you to act etc. , how your boyfriend (or girlfriend) wants you to act , but how YOU truly feel. We all think we know how we feel but do we? Our minds and spirits are such complicated things that it’s okay to need help and guidance in this department. I know I do! We don’t have all the answers, and that’s okay! If you’re really feeling lost and in need of guidance out of depression and/or anxiety, seeing a licensed therapist or psychiatrist can be a wonderful starting point. And no, therapy isn’t just for “crazies” or people with severe issues, I think everyone should see a therapist! The human mind is a complicated thing to try to figure out, so why not have some help and guidance with it! I love this article on the blog XOJANE that talks you through how to find a therapist on your own.  It’s really down to earth and simple. There are other things you can do on your own that help you to know yourself better and, as a result, make better life choices for you specifically. Better life choices, once you give them a chance to take effect, always seem to lead to greater happiness and fulfillment, they do for me, I hope they do for you!