My mother is a labor and delivery nurse and works around beautiful inspirational women all the time. She’s friends with this one nurse in particular who has a 10 year old daughter. Her daughter came home from school one day crying because she felt like her stomach was too fat and that everyone was teasing her about it. The mother pulled out the picture of me from Glamour magazine and showed her my own “perfectly imperfect” stomach. She told my mom that her daughters eyes immediately lit up and she smiled and said “She has a stomach like mine, and she’s so beautiful!” And her mom reassured her that she was beautiful too. Wow, I remember when I was 10 years old I was still wearing my Jelly shoes, baggy T-shirts , and spandex shorts. I had NO concept of fashion, or body/self image, I was just a 10 year old girl running around and playing. At 10 years old girls should not be worrying about whether they’re fat or not! This is absolutely crazy! 10 year olds should just be able to be 10 year olds! Playing and being children. I was so unbelievably happy to hear that my picture was able to turn this girls day around and hopefully her self perception! #CurvyClique