I get messages from all around the world and each one definitely strikes a chord within me. They write me these beautiful and sometimes heart wrenching stories about their lives and struggles. They say I inspire them when in reality their love and support has inspired ME and helped me accept myself as well, it’s a beautiful catch 22! One of the stories in particular stood out to me. I had a man write me saying that he’s been with his girlfriend for years and she has always struggled with her body image. He would constantly tell her she’s beautiful, that he finds her sexy in every way but she never believed him. The images this woman was fed from a young age as to “what is beautiful”  ended up warping her own self image in a very bad way. He was writing to thank me because when his girlfriend saw my picture in a magazine she finally believed that she can be sexy and beautiful. Seeing another woman who looks like her liberated her to feel like she’s not alone, because she’s NOT! And her boyfriend (and MANY men) love women with curves, love women of all sizes! I thought it was so sweet that this man cared so much for his girlfriends mental well being to write me and thank me. We all could use a little more of that in our lives….Stand Up For Your Loved Ones! #CurvyClique