Okay, this one’s about anxiety. I KNOW this is a really common feeling, buthow much life experience do I have to collect before I can stop waiting for the other shoe to drop when something good happens to me?! I’d do anything to known the secret to turning that particularly crazy off in my head.

Plug in to the Outlet

I have found some of my most exhilarating moments of self-expression and self-knowledge while writing songs and singing. That’s my favorite creative outlet. I’ve always known that music is my thing but I was a little shy about doing something that is so public. You can’t practice singing without anyone hearing you! And living in an apartment you KNOW the next-door neighbor is enjoying the listening session! But I got over it and now, to some degree, music keeps me sane. There’s no way to know exactly what the perfect outlet is for you to express yourself unless you try a whole bunch of things. Eventually something will click. Maybe you’re the next Annie Liebowitz or Sarah Silverman? Who knows? You won’t until you try, fail, try again, and finally hit on what makes you feel most like YOU. If it feels good, go with it!

Moroccan Oil Curl Cream

Moroccan Oil Curl Cream

During the summer I love to embrace my natural wavy hair. Why torture myself in the heat by pointing a blazing hot dryer at myself? I add Moroccan Oil Curl cream to my hair when it’s wet to add definition, tone down frizz and add shine. It’s the best way to get that beach wavy hair and still be able to run my fingers through it!

I’m trying to prioritize myself without being a jerk and ignoring other people’s needs. Difficult trick to pull off right? Growing up, I always felt an overwhelming obligation to other people, so much so that I had forgotten about myself, and MY needs. Now that I’m an adult, I can acknowledge that obligation doesn’t exist unless I want it to. But I struggle- all the time with pleasing other people. Why is that?

Same stages different ages….

Like everyone else in their twenties, I’m always wondering what I’ll be when I “grow up”. I’m a model and speaker now, but what do I want to be five years from now? Do I want to grow my music career? Do I want to teach? Thinking about this makes me a little panicky sometimes because I’m terrified of making the wrong choice or coming up with the wrong answer! When I tell my mom or any other women who are older than me about this they either laugh, shake their heads or some combination of the two. Apparently, this wondering doesn’t go away. Everyone is always wondering what their next reinvention should be and if they can do it or not. One of my mom’s friends said that she expects to do a total life overhaul every five years. If it doesn’t happen, that’s fine. But when she’s feeling restless it doesn’t take her by surprise anymore. Do you have an idea of what your different stages might be? I’m working on my new five-year plan now. Tell me what yours is!