A sparkle in your baby blues doesn’t always have to come from a great idea or a naughty thought. When I’m looking for a dash of glam, I go nuts with URBAN DECAY’S HEAVY METAL glitter eyeliners. They come in lots of colors but I love the teal (Stagedive) and gold (Baked) ones; they just happen to work with my eyes and skin colors. But there are enough colors for everyone of every complexion and are impossible not to play with and when wearing it it’s impossible to not get noticed! Even straight men will compliment me and that is saying a lot. I get different effects putting it on the inner corners, outer corners and lower lash lines of my eyes- anything goes really! Have some fun with it! When I wear them during the day I feel like a little kid doing sparkly princess make up. At night, I add the glitter to smoky eyes and am instantly a disco queen. This look pictured above was a more dramatic look for a music festival I went to recently! For a more subtle sparkle I just put the gold on my inner eyes. Get creative and send me pics! I like the nightlife, I got to boogie!