Lizzie Miller

Lizzie Miller

Lizzie Miller was already a 6-year veteran of the modeling industry when a picture of her from a forgotten photo shoot appeared in an issue of Glamour Magazine. It shot her to plus sized super model stardom. From then on she became known as “The Woman on Page 194”.

The over 9 Billion Worldwide Impressions she received as a result of that un-doctored photo were a far cry from Lizzieʼs modest beginnings as a “California Girl”, born in San Jose. As a young girl Lizzie struggled with her weight but applied herself to eating right and exercising, losing a dramatic 50 pounds in exchange for a strong sense of self. Drawn to the world of plus size modeling, she entered a Model Search at 13 years old and was immediately signed by the prestigious Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in New York. Shortly thereafter, she moved to New York to further pursue her modeling career.

In NYC her career exploded, clients such as Italian Vogue and Lane Bryant had her flying around the world. It was no wonder in the whirlwind of runway shows, shoots and test shoots that the casual picture shot in a humble studio in Downtown Manhattan was briefly forgotten in Lizzieʼs memory until the release of that fateful Glamour issue. The unassuming photo of a happy, semi-nude, curvy Lizzie Miller comfortable in her own perfectly imperfect body sent a shockwave around the globe.

Women were tired of seeing airbrushed, photo-shopped, stick thin women as their representatives in the media; they were starving to see someone who was beautiful, just like them. Letters flooded Glamour Magazine “I am gasping with delight, a woman who looks just like me! I love the woman on page 194!” The outpouring was incredible! Glamour Magazine had to respond, and created a plus- sized issue in October again featuring Lizzie and several other prominent plus sized models.

Glamour Magazine wasnʼt the only one calling; The Today Show, CNN, Access Hollywood and Ellen were just a handful of the many media outlets clamoring to get a few minutes with Lizzie Miller. Even the Girl Scouts got on board asking her to do a PSA. Surprised by the incredible response, she began receiving fan mail. Letters saying things like, “Thank you for giving average sized girls a voice that they are beautiful too” and “Finally! A girl who looks like me! I want to shout from the rooftops!” made her realize that the public craves ʻreal sized womenʼ to represent them in mainstream media. Because of this outpouring, Lizzie started “Lunch with Lizzie” where she meets with small groups to discuss their concerns and struggles with body image.

Lizzie enjoys her successful modeling career, working with clients such as Fruit of The Loom and Lane Bryant and posing for editorials in prestigious magazines including Vogue Italia and Glamour. Her horizons continue to expand into public speaking and hosting for popular programs including E! Entertainment as well as developing a “Beauty From the Inside Out” Program for women and girls everywhere to help with the internal and external battles we all face.

A media darling, she is regularly featured on national news outlets & TV programs like Fox News, The NY Post & Dr. Oz. In addition to her blog, she is currently working on a script to break the mold in Hollywood as well as perfecting her singing and songwriting. She continues to speak publicly on positive body image. Her personal mission is to redefine what beauty is in mainstream media and to inspire women everywhere to love and accept their bodies recognizing that their internal beauty reflects externally as well. FREE YOUR BEAUTY!