Whitney Houston sang about wondering how she’d know if a guy really loved her. I think I’m a little behind the curve. I’m not sure if a guy is really DATING me! Everyone is so into going out in groups (less pressure I guess?),and if it’s one on one guys ask if I’d like to “hang out”, it’s impossible to tell if I’m on a date and a guy is into me until the date is over and he lunges in for a kiss. Or the “Non-date Date” I don’t want to assume if a guy asks to “hang out” that he’s asking me out on a date (this goes back to the whole guys and girls just being friends thing). But at the same time don’t want to be caught off guard. What constitutes a “date” and how do you know when you’re on one? Enough already, dudes-get some game! There’s so much confusing stuff to figure out in this world (how the elections will turn out, if North Korea is really a threat, if Ben&Jerry’s will ever bring back “mission to marzipan”) it would be AWESOME if you could give us girls a break and just say “would you like to go on a date?”. I guarantee your success rate with the ladies will skyrocket. Am I right? Or… is this just me?!