Same stages different ages….

Like everyone else in their twenties, I’m always wondering what I’ll be when I “grow up”. I’m a model and speaker now, but what do I want to be five years from now? Do I want to grow my music career? Do I want to teach? Thinking about this makes me a little panicky sometimes because I’m terrified of making the wrong choice or coming up with the wrong answer! When I tell my mom or any other women who are older than me about this they either laugh, shake their heads or some combination of the two. Apparently, this wondering doesn’t go away. Everyone is always wondering what their next reinvention should be and if they can do it or not. One of my mom’s friends said that she expects to do a total life overhaul every five years. If it doesn’t happen, that’s fine. But when she’s feeling restless it doesn’t take her by surprise anymore. Do you have an idea of what your different stages might be? I’m working on my new five-year plan now. Tell me what yours is!

Artistic Flair

Artistic Flair

A really good friend of mine introduced me to the book THE ARTISTS WAY a few years back and it LITERALLY changed my life. It’s an amazing guide to tapping into your inner voice, the core of who you are, whether you want to be a professional artist or just get in touch with yourself. Whether you want to paint, sing, write, or be a lawyer doesn’t matter; what matters is that you’re opening yourself up to a new way of expressing yourself. When that happens, you’ll be shocked at what you have to say that you’ve never known was ready to come out of you! It’s my personal go-to guide. Whenever I feel disconnected: from myself, from the world, it’s the perfect tool I use to get back on track.



Welcome to the #CurvyClique! I always think of that Kanye West, Jay-Z song “Ain’t nobody messin’ with my Clique-clique-clique.”  A while back I decided to create my Curvy Clique, a community of people that gather together to lift and inspire one another. I’ve been on a personal journey developing myself as a woman from the inside out and it’s been quite the adventure! I figure if I’m going through these emotions, personal, and physical developments, then other people must be too. The only way I’ve been able to survive this roller coaster of personal and physical growth is with a community of family and friends. But what if you don’t have a supportive community of family and friends? That’s where #CurvyClique comes in. Curvy Clique is not just a community, but more of a family of Hopeful Hearts that want the best for themselves physically and emotionally. The relationship we have with ourselves influences every aspect of our outside lives, especially our relationship with others. Through personal growth and development with body image, improving the relationship with oneself, we allow ourselves to be open to the positivity the universe brings. No negativity allowed! The world has enough haters in it, and even worse we all have our own “inner hater” we have to deal with on a day to day basis. It’s time to talk about the frustration people have with the media’s, and the world’s unrealistic expectations of beauty and the effects it has on us all!  Women AND Men! Every person has curves; some are smaller and some are bigger. EVERYONE is welcome into the #CurvyClique because as humans we all basically want the same thing: to feel accepted, loved, and to be a part of a compassionate community. 


For those of you that know me, and those that don’t, I am a model in the plus size industry. I am currently on a mission to find others like me with strong minds and big hearts, interested in bringing about a new beauty revolution. The greatest way to influence change is to do something about it. All the lessons I’ve learned through friends, romantic relationships and co-workers are my fuel to inspire a new conversation. The lessons we learn in life will either make or break you… and they broke me for a bit… but now I’m turning it around.

We find out at a young age that first impressions are defined by how we look. I have to agree that first impressions are important, but that shouldn’t be the end all. Being in my industry has forced me to take an in depth look at these superficial ideals and at myself.  I have come to the conclusion that in order to have any sense fulfillment in life we have to learn to redefine what beauty is. We should always look deeper at a person’s character, actions and behaviors. Wouldn’t that provide us with a deeper sense of connection? We won’t stand a chance if we are always judging each other and ourselves! The judgment can stop with one person at a time changing a negative thought or idea.

Being a model I have personally struggled with the issue of people making assumptions about me solely based on my looks. I am very fortunate to be able to do what I love, but the career path I have chosen does comes with a price. I have seen too many girls and guys, including myself lose their sense of identity.

It’s time for me to take all of my experiences and the tough but important lessons I have learned to share and grow with other people who can relate and be inspired by my journey. I feel honored to have the opportunity to encourage change and instigate a rebellious conversation about beauty. Accept my invitation to join me on this quest.